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1000s more items in our warehouse located at 240 Bartor Rd Unit 1, North York. Book a time to browse.
1000s more items in our warehouse located at 240 Bartor Rd Unit 1, North York. Book a time to browse.
What's a Consignment Store? | Someware

What's a Consignment Store?

A consignment store is a place where the owner of the item and the consignment store owner are working together to sell an item. The person who owns the item (let's say it's a coffee table) brings the item to the consignment store, and the consignment store owner sets a price for the store.
The owner of the table will collect a percentage of the sale and the owner of the consignment store will collect the rest. This usually translates into inflated prices, since it has to be worth the store's time to sell it, and there has to be enough left over to pay the owner of the item.

The Catch

One of the little known facts about most consignment stores is that if no one purchases the item within a certain time frame (say 6 months), the consignor gets the rights over the item. That means they own it outright and can sell it for whatever they want, and keep 100% off the proceeds. 

So is someware a Consignment Store?

No! someware owns all of the items in our warehouse. The people we get the our inventory from feel the same way about their items, but a number of things have happened to lead them to us.
  1. The consignment store didn't have space or wasn't interested in their items
  2. They had too many items to consign, sell themselves and the furniture bank was too full
  3. The items were too large or not useful for charities like The Furniture Bank, Matthew House or Habitat Restore
  4. They were in a time crunch and don't have time to co-sell, content sale, store or rehome their items. They were going to have to call 1-800-got-junk, another junk removal company or get a dumpster.
The fact that we own every item in the building means that we can keep our prices lower and offer package deals for buying multiple pieces!
We want to save as MANY items as possible - and - while we screen for clean, we are less picky than a consignment store would be.  There are some amazing consignment stores in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that inspired us to come up with someware; we loved their items, but we knew that people were still sending so so much to landfill. We knew another solution was needed. 
Help us continue to be the solution by shopping with us, instead of buying new. Save yourself a lot of money, save the environment, and enjoy shopping new-to-you with someware.
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