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1000s more items in our warehouse located at 240 Bartor Rd Unit 1, North York. Book a time to browse.
1000s more items in our warehouse located at 240 Bartor Rd Unit 1, North York. Book a time to browse.
How much does it cost to shop at someware? | Someware

How much does it cost to shop at someware?

Pricing items at someware is one of the most fun things to do. We always ask: "What price would make someone feel like they are walking away with a treasure, at an amazing price?" 
With a waitlist of furniture and homewares to save, we want to make it easy for you to walk away with your newest find, while making sure that we are able to keep our business running and our hard working team paid.
People ask us all the time how much things cost, which actually tells you a little bit about our challenge at aomeware! We have so many items, it's hard to keep up with pricing everything. It's hard to say specifically, because there are so many types of items in our inventory, but here's a general rule of how we price our items:
  • Glassware - typically average around 50 cents a piece, so 10 glasses would be $5.
  • Unique Platters, Bowls and Vases- Usually between $15 and $60
  • Dish Sets - Average between $75-$300
  • Artwork and Mirrors - Usually between $10-$100
  • Chairs - We try to let them go for $10-$40 a chair, and if you're buying more, we aim for a great bulk price!
  • Tables-  We sell all kinds of tables (from IKEA tables to Mid Century Modern Teak) anywhere from $10- $1500
  • Bedframes - We sell vintage wooden sleigh beds and canopy beds as well as custom wrought iron bedrooms. We have one bedframe that we know someone spent thousands of dollars customizing (it has a matching mirror). We will typically sell our beds between $50 and $500.
  • Dresses and Sideboards - This is one of our FAVOURITE things to collect- we love how dressers can be used in ANY room in the house. Typically, we sell dressers and sideboards for anywhere from $50-500
  • Armchairs- Some of our armchairs are that classic floral and others are modern and unique, anywhere from $25-$300
  • Couches -  It depends on the condition, style and age, sometimes we get couches in that we give away for free, other times we get custom couches in fantastic condition that sell for close to $1000. Our average couch price is $200. When necessary to list if for sale, or on request for an additional fee, we shampoo and/or steam clean a couch to make sure it is ready for its new home.
Lots of people ask if there is anything free at Someware - and the answer is YES! We have an section dedicated to items that we want to save, but we know they are a bigger project to fix up. We save them so you can revitalize them. 
Usually when someone comes into the warehouse and puts together a list or pile of what they want, we can knock down the price of the bundle, or include discounted delivery to make it easy to say yes. We want you to feel like a hero, saving incredible home goods from landfill, and getting everything you need or want for your home.
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