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1000s more items in our warehouse located at 240 Bartor Rd Unit 1, North York. Book a time to browse.
1000s more items in our warehouse located at 240 Bartor Rd Unit 1, North York. Book a time to browse.
Furnishing a new cottage - How to get everything up there | Someware

Furnishing a new cottage - How to get everything up there

The pandemic has made a lot of people rethink their living situations, with some moving north year-round, while other decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and get that vacation home they've always wanted. It is no secret that the cottage market is hot right now, with prices soaring and places selling sight unseen. 

Securing the new lakeside retreat is one thing, but then there's the monumental task of furnishing it. If you are lucky, the previous owners want nothing to do with emptying the place out, and you get it fully furnished. For everyone else, you arrive up at your new home away from home on a weekend, with sleeping bags in tow, hoping you will find some stuff locally over the weekend to make it feel a bit more cozy.

Remote delivery costs can add up

Most of the home furnishing stores will charge you an arm and a leg to deliver to your remote address, and you probably need to shop at several places, which means those delivery costs are stacking up. Is all that new, modern furniture really a good fit for the cottage anyways? Does the room give off the same relaxed vibe it did when you first saw it?

 Cottages are the ideal place to fill up with gently used, well loved furniture and decor that are begging to tell their own stories and make new memories. Shopping at consignment or antique stores will get you part of the way, but it is likely you'll be spending your weekends driving a U-Haul to get these things back home, than actually relaxing at the lake.

Sit down and have a beer by the lake, we've got this

At Someware, we have every era and style you can imagine in stock, and our favorite thing to do is gather up a whole bunch of great furniture and homeware and fill our van to the roof. We don't mind going for a long drive, and you only have to pay for one delivery fee. Whether you are going for a light pine rustic look, Mid Century Modern, or somewhat of an HGTV Chic type look, we have you covered.

All of our used goods come from homes that no longer can take care of them, but they all have character. We make sure everything is clean, in good shape, and ready to live a new life with you. We also have lots of stuff that is perfect for a weekend DIY project with the family, grab some stain or spray paint and make something drab become the centrepiece of your cabin!

We are happy to have you come right into the warehouse, point out everything you'd like and we can put it all into a package deal for you. We can also do it entirely remotely, just give us a call or e-mail, tell us your style preferences, and we'll send over a bunch of options. 

Do you really have everything I need to fill the cottage?

You bet! We clear out entire homes on a regular basis, and we do our very best to find new homes for it all, instead of the landfill. We have everything from kitchenware, small appliances, decorative tchotchkes and towels to tables, beds, couches and even the occasional pool table! 

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